Crypto AML Training

Written by kczrh

August 3, 2020

Standardized forensic.

This course fits for compliance officer or professional forensic investigator.

Certified Synapse Professional: this Certification attest to any employer that you have been trained on the latest compliance and investigation tools.

After this course you will be able to provide relevant forensic analysis in the world of digital finance.
If you are a company it speeds up the vetting of your compliance solution and helps you remove any operational risks, you keep updated of the latest trend in forensic and you join strong community of pairs. Perfect for building a career, a business or a service as freelance investigator, forensic, compliance officer and grow you network.

Topics covered:

What is a node and a blockchain
Difference of Blockchain VS Database
How does a transaction look like
How can i access data (data is gold)
A look inside the data
What is the process of labeling
Education on the various AML provider solution
What about Travel rules
What about DEFI
Free for person holding at least a professional license or corrsponding amount of LIC.

CHF 990 re-reimbursable if Synapse Membership License is contracted

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