Written by kczrh

August 2, 2020

The License token LIC

LIC (stand for License) is a utility token representing a right of use to certain of our products, code and services.

The token has intrinsically no value.

LIC is required to have access to the below services and functionality:

  • Synpase the compliance officer suite created for the community.
  • Access to code
  • Customisation right (Copy left License)
  • SAAS hosted in Switzerland, Shared or dedicated instances.
  • Support 24h/7day
  • Exclusiv access to Version 2 Beta.

Together we are shaping the standard of the digital finance industry.

With a large audiance (>1 million download and more than 50 000 users weekly). We feel we are in a good place to promote ideas, concepts and help our partners and the whole ecosystem grow.

Want to be part of it ?

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